Old Queensway Cinema, gone but memories remain

I read recently on Straitstimes that the old Queensway Cinema was demolished. Like some in the article, I also thought it would had been preserved. Anyway, though physically gone, many fond memories still remain. I remembered when I was young, going to movies and having fast food were luxuries I could only enjoy once a year, during Chinese New Year. And it was here, at KFC where I had my annual feast on fast food before going for a movie.

A few decades forward, the scenes, the food, are still very vivid in my mind. And fortunately, though I don’t live in Queenstown anymore, I still went back to take some pictures.




With this building gone, almost every bit of my memory in terms of physical brick and motar of Queenstown are gone. Due to land constraints and need for development, there is no room for anything that outlived their purpose. The downside though, is the growing sense of Hotel Sg. Sad truth.

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