The dreadful haze is back again

Just when I thought we went through the worst haze back in 1997 when the PSI hit 226, this time, it was worse. Thus far, the 3 hourly average PSI had hit 401 and with the dry season still many weeks from over, nobody know whether things could get worse.


For the past few days, the visibility was really bad and I decided to compile a video to record my journey from work in the evening (on 20 June) and to work (on 21 June), one of the two bad days thus far.


I shot the video with Sony Cybershot Hx9v and also took a few screen shots.


20 June, 6.26pm: MBS disappearing into the haze and flyer nowhere to be seen.


21 June, 7.40am: Supertrees barely visible from this distance.


21 June, 7.46am: Cable cars and towers disappeared.

I had also asked my friend working in the city to send me a few ‘cityview’ and under such hazy conditions, DSLR or even compact camera are just overkill, smartphones will do.



View from the Gateway


Poor visibility neither imply an immediate jump in PSI figure, nor does it include the more dangerous PM2.5 numbers, but the 3 hourly PSI figures was the main talk of town.



The day PSI crosses 400.

In order to educate the public that BOTH concentration and duration of exposure are needed to indicate the health impact, the 24 hourly figure should be used instead.


NEA website on PSI was updated to show the 24 hourly PSI numbers but the 3 hourly figures can still be found by clicking the “For past 24 hourly PSI reading click here“.pm2.5

Looking at the PM2.5 figures, even at 24 hourly perspective. It is still quite scarly that for the pass 3 days, all readings point to very unhealthy. Anyway, just hope the haze go away soon.



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