First day at Palm View Primary School


Two and a halve years after attending the Palm  View Primary School open house, my wife and I eventually did enroll our eldest child in the school. Like all parents, we are excited on this day and hope she survive well.

(Not much pictures today as I didn’t bring my camera, so just make do with my tablet).

After some briefing by the principal and parent volunteers, we were allowed to see how our children did in their first recess… reminds me of feeding time in the zoo. 🙂



No parents were allowed in and its actually pretty chaotic inside. Each child has 30 minutes to queue, buy and eat. Quite a number of parents actually brought food to give their children more time to eat instead of queuing.


And finally by 2.30pm, we were happy to welcome her off the school bus… mission accomplished.

Compared to my time 30 years ago, the children now did much better for their transition from K2 to P1, probably due to the ‘training’ they had in childcare. I still remember my traumatic experience and crying for my mom… no cries today at all. 🙂


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