Views from the cable car(s)

I recently ‘upgraded’ my personal faber licence to a family one. I actually waited for my to expire before getting a family one for $120. It is very worth it (just compare this to the single trip tickets) and my kids love the ride very much. There is now two lines, the Mount Faber line (connects Mount Faber to Imbiah Lookout) and Sentosa line (Merlion to Siloso Beach).



View from the traditional Mount Faber line.


West Coast Highway- The road I took everyday to drive my kids to their childcare before I head for work… finally, they get to take the cable car again (and many times more) after asking for so long.


Software stitched for the panoramic view of Harbourfront and Sentosa, with Pulau Brani Container Terminal in the background. Obviously the stitch was imperfect but I’m just too lazy to do it manually.


Hard Rock Hotel

DSC03906_uploadView from the Sentosa Line


Siloso Beach


Enjoying the sunset on the way back to Imbiah Lookout


And the sunset on the way back to Harbourfront

Taken with Sony Alpha a5100 with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens

Singapore Airlines A380 Model plane

During a recent trip to Penang to visit my relatives, I chanced upon a huge A380 model plane of Singapore Airlines.


… compared to the real one on the ground at Changi Airport:


To give a perspective of its size, the following shows how it compares with typical comfort taxis from Toys ‘R’ Us.


Just to have some fun, I looked for a nice background… my world map.



And on the way back, my kids were given 3D toy plane puzzles. These were easy… because all the pieces were numbered and we just need to know how to count 🙂



Taken with Sony Alpha a5100 with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens

Lunch at Blu Kouzina Greek Restaurant

Yes, my blog somehow began to look more like a food blog than a photography blog, as can be seen by the huge ‘food’ keyword in the word cloud. It so happens that I’m really pretty busy lately that I can’t find the time to attend interesting events or explore other places. But no matter how busy one is, the stomach still need to be filled 🙂

Nonetheless, with the children in the child care, my wife and I went to have a peaceful lunch at this Greek Restaurant to celebrate her birthday.



The decoration in the restaurant is really unique and nice.


Let the lunch begin.


Bread with their own grown extra virgin olive oil.



Horiatiki- Greek Salata with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives and feta cheese.


Kalamaki Souvlaki- Beef kalamaki served with fresh onion and sliced tomato.


Paidakia stin Shara- 3 Grilled lamb chops served with patates tiganites and vegetables of the day.

DSC02831_uploadDSC02834_uploadSweet endings with some Yogurt- Greek yogurt with homemade sweet fruit toppings

Taken with Sony Alpha a5100 with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens

BBQ Dinner at Ju Shin Jung Restaurant

This restaurant at YESS centre is one of my favorite because there’s a play area to entertain my children while my wife and I treat ourselves to a peaceful meal. Despite dining there many times, this is the first time I get to photograph the barbecue dishes before the waitress gets on with the cooking.



Short ribs



mushrooms.. our favorite



marinated chicken


cold buckweed noodles

DSC02792_uploadSweet ending with some oranges

Taken with Sony Alpha a5100 with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens