Another visit to the River Safari

Thanks for my wife’s corporate pass, we’ve made countless visits to the River Safari, but somehow, there are always surprises, especially from the animals.

The Mississippi Paddlefish is the first to welcome us with its signature wide-open -mouth swim.



Next I saw the Giant Freshwater Stingray in a flying saucer pose 🙂


And before we head off to see the Giant Pandas again, the ndian Gharial is quite active today.



The best of all though, is the Giant Pandas. I’ve never seen two of them active today and even till now, I still can’t tell Kai Kai and Jia Jia apart.

(amended) But thanks to a comment left on my blog, I now know that the one with a pink nose is Kai Kai and black is Jia Jia.


Kai KaiDSC08086_upload

Jia Jia

We can’t take the Amazon River boat ride because my younger one is too short and hence we went for the River Safari cruise instead. Perhaps as a blessing in disguise, we discovered it another way to see the zoo from the 15 minutes boat ride at the Upper Seletar Reservoir.





1. Sony Nex5R with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens

2. Snapseed

2 responses to “Another visit to the River Safari

  1. After “countless” visits you still can’t tell the Indian Gharial from the Yangtze Alligator?? And you can tell Kai Kai from Jia Jia from the nose colour – Kai has a pink nose, Jia has a black nose.

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