Lunch at Carousel

This is the day I look forward to for quite some time, buffet lunch! I could no longer eat as much compared to my younger days. But right now, I have a different philosophy when it comes to buffet, just help myself to those dishes I like and enjoy the spread. So yes, the spread is very important. DSC04113_upload Arriving at the lobby of Scotts Singapore Hotel, where the Carousel is located. DSC04091_upload Before I started eating, I could feel the difference with typical buffet restaurant, even the cutlery is presented differently. Enough of cosmetics, let’s get down to the main theme, food. DSC04050_upload For all international buffet, sushi and sashimi are must-have, DSC04049_upload as well as teppanyaki. But the main draw here, I presume, is their seafood selection (minus oyster and lobster). DSC04052_upload DSC04051_upload DSC04053_upload DSC04054_upload Besides seafood, there are both healthier delights such as salads, DSC04093_upload and simple cheese & bread… DSC04069_upload DSC04058_upload .. and meats… DSC04055_upload DSC04064_upload …  and pasta … DSC04063_upload … one of my favorites, local delights… DSC04060_upload Once I’m done with the starters, the main courses, the desert selection can still entice my near full stomach.     DSC04072_upload DSC04067_upload


DSC04098_upload And there is a chocolate fondue, but I’m more interested in the marshmallow than the following chocolate. DSC04102_upload Spread wise, I have no complains. Taste wise, I won’t reward it full stars though. Nonetheless, good lunch!

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