Photography around Bras Basah Complex

I normally attend courses at Civil Service College but today, the course I attended, Critical Thinking, is actually held at Bras Basah Complex, right in the city. Thus I should not waste such a golden opportunity to take some pictures.

I don’t like to drive into the city, especially in the morning peak hour. Thus on my way from Bras Basah MRT station to the Bras Basah complex, I chanced upon the St Joseph Church.


And when I reach Bras Basah complex, I found the view of the residential flats on top astounding.




On the second day of my course, I also had a quick look out from the flats at Waterloo Street.


For these two days, other than taking pictures with my trustworthy E620 with the zuiko 8mm fisheye lens, I also tested my hx50v as well. And added a sample video, to test the 30x optical zoom.

Anyway, some words about the course, it tickled me to find more information on this topic. I recalled being introduced to an old but good book on this matter by my English teacher in sec school. I couldn’t appreciate (more like couldn’t understand the complex topic and language then) the book but could do so now. Its a great read for those interested:

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