River Safari

This was actually by fourth trip to the River Safari but the first after the river boat ride is available. Even though it was a Friday, the effect of a school holiday still triumph. I wonder how bad it will be over the weekends. The park was very crowded.


We had to queue to get the tickets (though we cut short our queue to get the tickets online wow queuing); queue to get make a booking for the boat ride; queue to go into the park; queue to see the Giant panda; queue for lunch and finally queue for the boat ride when it is time to take the boat. As far as the pandas are concerned, they seemed be quite affected by the crowd and never ventured too far out for a good photograph.







The red pandas are more friendly and less affected.



Actually, most of the nicest animals at River Safari can already be seen on foot and its sheltered all the way for visitors’ comfort (in stark contrast to the other parks). After the seeing the pandas, we break for lunch.






Having some time before we can board the boat, we went to see the Manatee.


And after queuing for the last time, we boarded our boat. Most of the creatures are boring compared to those we can see on foot.


I also took some nice scenery shots of the Upper Seletar Reservoir before I left.


Product of Snapseed on my Android tablet.


Product of Photomatix on my computer.

Overall, compared to Birdpark, Zoo and Night Safari, I will rate River safari high for comfort but low for animal variety.


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