I got to know this event from Facebook and decided take a look on a weekday, when there it is not so crowded. The ship anchored is RSS Endurance, a really big ship by our Navy’s standard.



Unlike typical events which I’ll cover with my olympus DSLR, E620, this time I had with me just a Sony NEX5R with a kit lens. And instead of painstaking post processing the selected raw with Dxo Optics Pro, I merely uploaded the out-of-cam-pics to my android via WIFI and did some touch up using the free app, Snapseed. I purposely exaggerate the colours and effects (much towards HDR than realistic photography) to spice up the otherwise ‘boring’ scenes due to the overcast skies and dull coloured objects (military colours).


Anchoring a military ship in a civilian environment does produce some contrasting photographic event. I overlooked the corner when I push the tones for this shot.


Waiting to board the ship.


The sky threatened to unleash a heavy downpour but wasn’t this dark (dramatise via Dramatic tones)


Super puma on the deck. The deck is big enough for 2.

DSC01751_1View from other parts of the various decks.


While I thought the deck was huge, the interior was even bigger.



It was then that the downpour started… and trapped many on board from leaving. But created an opportunity to take pictures without people around.


Overall, even though the results was far from perfect and a far cry in terms of output quality compared to raw processing using Dxo optics pro, then tone-mapped with Photomatix, the speed at which I can upload, select, process the pictures provided me a great compromise in terms of time and effort if the shoot is not that critical to me.



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