Korean set lunch at Ju Shin Jung

Located at YESS Centre, near West , Ju Shin Jung is the favorite korean restaurant for me and my wife. We like their buffet BBQ when we are particularly hungry. If not, we will just have their set lunch and it will be very filling as well.

We had set lunch today and before the main course arrived, we help ourselves to the free flowing side dishes first.




Today, I had my spicy cold noodle while my wife had her beef rib soup. The spicy cold noodle is very very spicy and came with some cold soup. I didn’t really know how to eat the dish ‘properly’ and just do what I think make sense. The noodle is really very spicy, hence I just ‘wash’ it in the cold soup before I eat them. Even before I almost finish the noodle, my mouth is already burning.




My wife prefer something non-spicy and stuck to her ‘safe’ food, beef rib soup.



And we end our meal with a simple slice of water melon and lots of ice cold tea.


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