Palawan beach outing

My kids love to play with the sand. And any parents with young children will know how to hate these fine grains. Among so many venues to play with sand, my favorite is still Palawan beach at Sentosa because it is the easiest for dirt containment and control. The washing point is nearby, the beach is not crowded, the 7-11 convenient store is around the corner and there is plenty of shade (provided we reach early). Hence armed with the Sentosa Islander card, Palawan beach has been one of our frequent family outing destination.

I’ll always bring some imaging device with me, be it Smartphone, compact cam or my DSLR, depending on the weather. Today, the weather was very good for photography (but definitely too hot to be enjoyable) and thus I brought my DSLR with me.

Sunny day make pictures nice but also tends to blow the highlights. I’ll prefer to compress the dynamic range using some tone-mapping but do take care not to make it too fake. Nonetheless, if I had never been to sentosa, I’ll have thought it really is a tropical paradise. Never believe in postcards.







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