Image fun with old smartphone

I’m one of those dinosaurs who’s still using retarded phones and only recently ‘inherited’ an “ancient” smartphone (by current technology standard) from my wife who had upgraded hers. The old smartphone is Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Sony had since bought over the joint venture from Ericsson and dropped the name from their Xperia smartphones.  I was pleasantly surprised it can still take some decent pictures.

The following are trial shots from my neighborhood with minor touch-ups using DxO Optics Pro 8 and noise reduced using NeatImage.





And these were taken during a trip to Changi Village boardwalk.





 I understand that smartphones usually possess image sensors even smaller than the tiny compact cameras. I believe there will be a day when larger sensor eventually make it into mainstream smartphones to bought their image quality. When that day comes, I’ll only be using two gadgets, DSLR for serious photography and smartphones for casual use, who will need compact cameras?



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