Motor shows, for the ladies or the cars.

I read with interest the an article on the motor show models on Asiaone:

Perverts vs Photographers

Discounting the perverts who aimed their cams on their chests or turn physical, I think most of us photography enthusiasts (amateurs, photographers or merely man with a camera) who bother to invest so much into DSLR and the lenses.. and don’t mind carrying them just to take a pictures are really at the motor show for our own interests. For me, my interest is the models and I made it clear to even my wife before I head for the show.

Fields of interest

Put it another way, the moment we decided photography is a hobby and serious enough to get a DSLR, most often than not, we’ll develop field(s) of interest. Some are specialists, rarely venturing beyond one or two categories like portraiture, landscape or nature. On the other extreme, are crazy folks like me who want to try everything, which explains why I had the widest  to the longest lens in my possession.

I had ample opportunities to do landscape and nature, but when it comes to portraiture, there are only a few avenues available, motor shows, fashion shows or engaging models for -private shoots. I see motor shows as a ‘buffet’ versus ‘ala carte’ for private shoots, i.e. I pay a fee and get to shoot so many of them, as opposed to usually one or two at the private events.


As with any hobby, there will always be varying levels of poison that each participant had been inflicted. Take for example bird photography for nature lovers. While most guys who had served in the army will had complained of the lengthy route marches with all their heavy load, none of those who wanted to catch birds complained when they had to carry their heavy DSLR and bulky telephoto len, woke up so early before day break, walk far into the bushes and wait for the featured creatures to wake up.

Search for the keepers

Another point I think I can help to clarify was the mention of taking thousands or at least hundreds of pictures of the same target (e.g. model for the motor show). There’s a difference between the documentary shot for facebook and one that a perfectionist can proudly show off on flickr.  For the latter, it is not uncommon to see one or two shots selected out of several hundred taken. There might not be noticeable difference between one shot to the next on first glance. But on careful look, one might has a ‘better’ background than the next (one less by passer in the background), one might as a slightly better smile than the next. There is no end when it comes to chasing for the perfect shot. I had no patience for that, but I’m quite sure such people exist. Whether those whom the author mentioned are such creatures is another thing though.


The job of the models was to attract crowd, whether they are attracting bees or flies, unfortunately, it is a job hazard they had to contend with.

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