Fisheye fun at the Marina Bay

Last friday, just before I headed for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands, I purposely alighted one stop earlier at the Promenade MRT station to take some pictures at the Marina Bay. As my fisheye lens had by this time became my favorite lens to add some twist to otherwise ‘stale’ scenery, I only brought it for this wide angle lens (other than those portrait lens for the models).


The above semi panoramic shot of the helix bridge and the financial centre at the background is actually a crop from a simple, levelled fisheye shot. Before I had my fisheye lens, I’ll usually attempt to take several pictures of such scene and stitched them together using Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE). With fisheye lens, I merely need to crop out the centre.


Louis Vuitton parvillion


This is one of the ‘shot to death’ scenery shot around the Marina Bay ever since MBS came to existence. The fisheye effect merely spruce up the other wise boring image.


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