Lunch @ Ah Yat Seafood, Turf City Branch

Took a day off to enjoy some couple time with my wife. With the kids enjoying themselves in school, we had a movie in the morning and some peaceful lunch to celebrate our 5th marriage anniversary (a few days after the actual date).

Steamed codfish with garlic

A closer look at the cod fish

Braised sharkfin soup with crab meat in claypot

I don’t actually fancy sharkfin itself but love the soup. If there’s a replacement ingredient with similar chewy texture, I’ll love to have it in place of sharkfin.

Stewed whole 8ppc fresh abalone with mushroom

The dish originally came with fish maw. But neither myself nor my wife like fish maw, so we replace it with the cheaper mushroom instead.

Steamed bamboo clam with garlic

We love this so much and encouraged by the 50% discount, we had 2 each.

Ah Yat fried rice

Most of the dishes today are not salty except this. Could have been better if the chef can be less generous with salt usage.


After having our desert, we ordered another serving of Bamboo clam. This might has confused the waiter that he served us another round of desert. We politely pointed out but was not charged. Thank you Ah Yat Seafood!

Service: Great

Food: Great

Ambiance: Satisfactory

Price: Reasonable

The ambiance could have been better but that will mean the food will be marked up even more. On the whole, great food and experience.